About Us

About HA-GRO

Welcome to HA-GRO, your reliable partner for global procurement from Serbia, third-party selling for Serbian companies, and facilitation in setting up businesses in Serbia.

Born from a dream to share Serbia’s rich agricultural heritage with the world, HA-GRO has grown into a multifaceted company that serves as a bridge between Serbian businesses and the global market. Our roots are deeply embedded in the fertile Serbian soil, and our passion for quality and authenticity is reflected in every product we export.

Global Procurement from Serbia

Serbia is a land blessed with fertile soil and a climate perfect for agriculture. With 44.8% of the total area used as arable land, Serbia is a treasure trove of agricultural products. At HA-GRO, we specialize in sourcing and exporting these fine Serbian products to the global market. Our extensive network of suppliers and our deep understanding of Serbian agriculture allow us to offer a wide range of high-quality products, from fresh produce to artisanal goods.

Third-Party Selling for Serbian Companies

We are dedicated to helping Serbian companies reach a global audience. As a third-party seller, we sell Serbian products to the rest of the world on behalf of Serbian companies. This service allows Serbian businesses to focus on what they do best – creating quality products – while we handle the complexities of international sales and distribution.

Serbia's Agricultural Riches

Serbia is among the top five producers in the world of raspberries and plums, and a significant producer of maize and wheat. The country’s agricultural sector is diverse, with a wide range of fruits, grains, and other crops being cultivated. The majority of agricultural production is present in the northern province of Vojvodina on the fertile Pannonian Plain, and the southern lowlands adjacent to the Sava, Danube, and Great Morava rivers.

At HA-GRO, we are more than just a company. We are a trusted partner for Serbian businesses and a reliable source for international buyers. We are committed to fostering strong relationships, promoting Serbian products, and contributing to the growth of the Serbian economy. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to bridge borders and bring the best of Serbia to the world.